Lagos Real Estate Marketplace Conference and Exhibitions, December 2023


The Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (LAsera) organized the Fourth Edition of the Lagos Real Estate Marketplace Conference and Exhibitions, a significant event in the Nigerian real estate industry. Held on December 13th and 14th, 2023, at the Expo Hall, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, the conference aimed to bring together major stakeholders to discuss challenges, foster partnerships, and explore investment opportunities within the sector. The theme for the event was “Real estate regulation: A panacea for disaster mitigation and recovery in the built industry.”


As the organizer of this high-profile event, LAsera faced the challenge of ensuring maximum participation from key industry players, government agencies, and relevant stakeholders. Attracting a diverse and influential audience was crucial to facilitating meaningful discussions, fostering collaborations, and promoting investment opportunities within the real estate sector.


To address this challenge, LAsera developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused on lead generation and event promotion. The primary objective was to create widespread awareness and drive registrations, ensuring a substantial turnout for the conference.

Campaign Execution:

  • Campaign Channel: The primary channel utilized for the campaign was Facebook, leveraging its extensive reach and targeting capabilities. A dedicated Facebook advertising campaign was launched, employing various ad formats and targeting strategies to attract the desired audience.
  • Targeting: Employed precise audience targeting options within Facebook Ads Manager. This included demographics, interests, and location filters.
  • Lead Generation:¬†Utilized Facebook Event registration functionality to simplify the signup process and capture leads directly within the platform.
  • Budget Optimization: Optimized ad spend throughout the campaign to ensure cost-effectiveness and maximize registrations per naira spent.
  • Creative Assets: Designed visually appealing ad creatives utilizing high-quality images that resonated with the target audience. These creatives emphasized the event’s theme, esteemed speakers, and potential value for attendees.

Collaboration for Success:

Collaboration with the organizing team of the Lagos Real Estate Marketplace Conference and Exhibitions ensured alignment of marketing efforts with event objectives. Regular communication and coordination facilitated seamless execution of the lead generation campaign, maximizing attendance and engagement.


The LAsera Real Estate Conference marketing campaign achieved remarkable success, exceeding expectations in terms of lead generation and event attendance. Key results included:

  1. Significant increase in event registrations, surpassing previous editions.
  2. Overwhelming attendance from industry professionals, government representatives, and real estate stakeholders.
  3. Successful facilitation of panel discussions, addressing critical industry challenges and fostering constructive dialogue.
  4. Establishment of valuable connections and potential collaborations among participants.
  5. Heightened awareness and interest in LAsera’s regulatory efforts and initiatives within the real estate sector.




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