i-invest App Downloads Ads Campaign


I spearheaded the user acquisition and app downloads campaign for i-invest, a leading investment app in Nigeria, offering a wide range of products including Treasury bills, Fixed deposit notes, Commercial papers, Eurobonds, Equities, and more. With a five-year presence in the market, we needed to increase our user base, market penetration, and sales growth.


In a crowded market with established players, our challenge was to differentiate i-invest and attract new users while optimizing adaptability, customer retention, and sales growth strategies.


This data-driven campaign focused on user acquisition while laying the groundwork for future customer retention efforts.

To achieve this, I embraced a data-driven approach, utilizing :

Audience Targeting: Pinpointing the exact demographic and interests of our ideal i-invest user. A/B Testing: Constantly experimenting with ad creatives and messaging to find the sweet spot. Data-Defined Insights: Making crucial campaign decisions based on real-time data analysis.

I meticulously planned and executed the campaign across three channels: Meta Ads (Facebook/Instagram), Google Ads, and Hippo Ads, while also incorporating app store optimization (ASO) and offline marketing strategies to optimize reach and engagement.

Campaign Execution:

To start with, since an ads for user acquisition / user installs had never been actively run by the team before this, there were setups that needed to be implemented.

I saw to the creation and setup of ad accounts, worked with the developers team to see that SDKs are properly integrated into the app.

Campaign Management: I managed the entire planning and execution of the campaign from keyword research, competitor research, copywriting, content marketing through the funnel from awareness down to activation as the acquisition is really not just about app downloads but also about registration and completing their KYC. Daily optimizations, budget management, and A/B testing were conducted under my supervision to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Campaign Channels:

We deployed targeted ads across three key channels:

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram): Reached a wider audience through social media advertising.
Google Ads: Targeted users actively searching for investment solutions online.
Hippo Ads: Leveraged a popular Nigerian ad network to broaden our reach.

Compelling Messaging and Creative Assets:

To grab user attention, I crafted messaging that highlighted i-invest’s unique selling points:

Diverse Investment Options: Catering to a wide range of financial goals.
Ease of Use: Providing a user-friendly platform for seamless investing.
Competitive Returns: Offering attractive returns on investment.

Eye-catching visuals and persuasive copy were strategically paired to resonate deeply with our target audience’s financial aspirations.

These are but a few of them.

Collaboration for Success:

Collaboration played a crucial role in optimizing the user journey:

Data Analyst & Product Team: I worked with these teams to ensure data tracking captured the right user behaviors.

Onboarding Adjust: I implemented Adjust, a leading mobile attribution platform, to gain deeper user journey insights.


The campaign achieved remarkable results:

App Downloads: Significantly expanded our user base by a remarkable 353.14% increase in app downloads
CPI (Cost Per Install): Achieved a very cost effective cost-per-install of ₦400, which is less than $1, an amazing feat when you consider that the industry average for finance/investment app is over $2. 
60% Conversion Rate (Install to Registration): Efficiently converted downloads to registered users.
37% Conversion Rate (Install to Investment): Drove user engagement and platform adoption.




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