December vs January Campaign


December vs January



January is often referred to as the longest month of the year because people tend to deplete their savings during the December and January holidays for festive celebrations, leaving them financially strained in the new year for most of January until their next payday. This cultural spending pattern creates a unique challenge and an opportunity for i-invest to instill better saving habits.


Launched in September, the “December vs January” campaign was aimed to encourage users to save throughout the festive season (September-December) and receive their accumulated funds in January.
By doing so, they would have accumulated funds to enjoy a financially comfortable January and thereby tackle the post-holiday financial strain many Nigerians experience in January. i-invest empowered them to navigate the “longest month” with financial security and establish a consistent savings habit.


The primary objective of the “December vs January” campaign was to encourage users to save their funds from September to December and receive their savings in January. The campaign aimed to achieve three key goals:

  1. Increase User Acquisition: Attract new users to the i-invest platform.
  2. Boost User Adoption of the Savings Product: Encourage existing and new users to actively use the i-invest savings product as a safeguard against January.
  3. Grow Revenue: Increase the overall revenue generated from the platform through higher user engagement and savings activities.
  4. Build Savings Culture: Foster a saving habit among the target audience by educating Nigerians on the benefit for developing a savings culture.

Campaign Execution:

Campaign Strategy and Management

For this campaign, I wore many hats. I collaborated with the team lead who initiated the campaign, managing internal communications and overseeing the project launch.

Digital Ads Management

I personally managed and ran all digital ads for the campaign across multiple platforms. This included setting up and optimizing ads on social media, search engines, and other relevant digital channels. My goal was to ensure maximum reach and engagement with our target audience, driving them to participate in our savings plan.

Collaboration with In-House Teams

I created the layout of the landing page for the campaign and worked with Gloria and Feyi to created the copy then collaborated with the Dev team to see the landing page created and pushed to live with the right Meta pixels and google tags in place to capture events. 

I also worked closely with our in-house design team, product marketer, and product and tech dev team, we developed a cohesive strategy that ensured all campaign elements were aligned. 

I led brainstorming sessions to refine our messaging, create compelling visual assets, and enhance the user experience of our savings product. 

I collaborated alongside the content team and marketing manager to manage the campaign’s messaging and creative assets. We developed engaging visuals that resonated with our audience, while we ensured that our value proposition was clear and compelling.

Compelling Messaging and Creative Assets:

The campaign messaging focused on the relatable struggle of financial constraints in January and positioned i-invest’s savings product as a practical solution.

Key messages included:

  • “Make January your best month yet.”
  • ” Start January 2024 on a smooth financial note.”
  • ” Don’t let detty December do you dirty in January”

Creative assets included:

  • Engaging social media graphics and videos depicting the festive spending in December and the relief of having funds in January.
  • Informative blog posts and email newsletters explaining the benefits of saving and how i-invest can help.
  • User testimonials and success stories to build credibility and relatability.

Campaign Channels:

To maximize reach and engagement, the “December vs January” campaign was executed across multiple channels:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn were used to share campaign messages, engaging visuals, and user stories.
  • Email Marketing: Personalized email campaigns targeted existing users, encouraging them to participate in the savings challenge and refer friends and family.
  • App Push Notifications (APNs): Timely notifications were sent to users to remind and encourage them about the savings challenge.
  • Paid Advertising: Strategic use of Google Ads and social media ads to reach a broader audience.
  • Content Marketing: Blog posts, articles, and FAQs on the i-invest website provided detailed information about the campaign and the platform’s benefits.


The “December vs January” campaign proved to be a resounding success for i-invest. Key achievements included:

  1. User Acquisition: The campaign led to a 35% increase in new user registrations on the i-invest platform, contributing to substantial growth in the customer base.
  2. Increased User Adoption: Existing and new customers actively participated in the savings challenge, leading to a 47% increase in the adoption and utilization of i-invest’s savings product.
  3. Revenue Growth: The consistent saving habit cultivated during the campaign translated into increased deposits and revenue for i-invest which resulted to a 40% increase in revenue generated from savings activities during the campaign period.
  4. Brand Awareness: The creative and engaging campaign garnered widespread attention, enhancing i-invest’s brand visibility and positioning it as a trusted savings and investment platform in Nigeria.
  5. Social Media: Social media engagement rates increased by 60%, with users actively sharing their savings stories and engaging with campaign content.
  6. Positive Feedback: Users reported high satisfaction with the savings product, noting the ease of use and the financial relief it provided in January.

Key Takeaways:

This experience highlighted the importance of:

  • Collaboration: Working across teams (marketing, product, and dev teams) is crucial for campaign success.
  • Adaptability: Being able to wear multiple hats and handle diverse tasks is essential in fast-paced environments.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Utilizing workflows and user acquisition metrics helps track progress and optimize future initiatives.


The “December vs January” campaign was a resounding success, thanks to strategic planning, effective collaboration, and targeted execution.

As the Growth/Digital Marketing Manager, I am proud of the role I played in helping Nigerians navigate the financial challenges of January and fostering a culture of saving.

The campaign not only achieved its objectives but also set a strong foundation for future initiatives aimed at promoting financial well-being.




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