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Burna Boy's Fan Base Growth and Albums Promotion Campaign


I had the opportunity to work with Burna Boy, his management and his PR team to build and grow Burna Boy’s own fanbase known as the “Outsiders”. The creation and growth of the “Outsiders” community, dedicated to fostering a strong and dedicated fanbase for the Afro-fusion star.
Leveraging social media management expertise and creativity, the goal was to increase engagement and streams for Burna Boy’s music while keeping his name top of mind among music lovers.


While Burna Boy already enjoyed significant popularity, the goal was to solidify and expand his fanbase, fostering a deeper connection with fans and establishing a loyal following known as the “Outsiders.”


The strategy focused on leveraging social media management expertise, data-driven content creation, and fostering a dedicated online community.

Campaign Execution:

  • Corliion Identity: I created a dedicated stan account, “Corliion,” to curate content and interact with fans, adding a unique voice and personality to the “Outsiders” experience.
  • Data-Driven Content: Social media content was developed based on audience insights and performance data, ensuring content resonated with Burna Boy’s existing fanbase and attracted new listeners.
  • Dedicated Fan Groups: Exclusive groups were established across social media platforms to provide a space for die-hard fans to connect, share their passion, and engage directly with the “Corliion” persona.

Compelling Messaging and Creative Assets:

  • Content leveraged Burna Boy’s unique sound, cultural influence, and artistic vision to connect with fans on an emotional level.
  • A mix of formats were utilized, including behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive interviews, fan art showcases, and interactive challenges to maintain engagement.
  • Conversations around chart records, streams, awards, appearances, publications, new music releases, and features among others are deployed to get engagement going. 

Collaboration for Success:

To amplify the campaign’s reach and impact, strategic collaborations were formed with:

  • Influencers and Content Creators: Leveraging their platforms and audiences to generate buzz and authentic engagement around Burna Boy’s music and fan community.
  • Media Outlets and Press: Securing coverage and features to increase visibility and talkability around album releases and fan community initiatives.
  • Fan Groups and Online Communities: Engaging with existing fan communities to foster a sense of belonging and co-creation.


The Burna Boy fan base growth and album promotion campaign achieved remarkable success, delivering tangible results across multiple fronts:

  1. Significant Growth in Fan Base: The “Outsiders” community experienced a substantial increase in size, with fans actively engaging and participating in various initiatives and content.
  2. Record-Breaking Album Streams: The “Love Damini” and “I Told Them” album releases achieved groundbreaking streaming numbers, solidifying Burna Boy’s position as a leading artist in the Afro-fusion genre.
  3. High Media Visibility: The album releases and fan community initiatives garnered extensive media coverage and buzz, further amplifying Burna Boy’s brand and reach.
  4. Increased Fan Engagement and Loyalty: The campaign fostered a deep connection between Burna Boy and his fans, resulting in heightened engagement, loyalty, and a sense of community among the “Outsiders.”

Me accepting the prestigious African Artist of the Year award on behalf of Burna Boy at the Sound City MVP Awards 2023.

A Signed Vinyl of the Grammy Winning Album "Twice As Tall" by Burna Boy as a gift to me.




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