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The Growth strategist for Businesses Who Want to Scale

I'm a Growth Architect.

For over 7 years, I’ve helped high-growth corporate and personal brands achieve outstanding results by crafting and executing data-driven marketing strategies. I’m a multi-skilled professional with a proven track record in driving user acquisition, retention, and engagement.


Grow brand awareness and attract valuable customers through SEO, content marketing, and social media.​


Implement targeted ads across search, social media, and display networks to amplify user acquisition / app installs.


Customizing a smooth transition from acquisition to improve onboarding & enhance user engagement.


Developing personalized engagement to proactively address churn and enhance retention.


Deploying A/B testing and data analysis to design upselling and cross-selling campaigns for increasing revenue.


Nurturing a vibrant community where users are empowered to refer others and become brand advocates.

My Skill Set

User Acquisition / App Installs
Lead Generation
App Store Optimization (ASO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Acquisition (SEM, Social Ads)
Data Analysis & Data-Driven Decision Making
Conversion Rate Optimization
Lifetime Value (LTV) Optimization
Content Marketing
A/B Testing & Experimentation

Brands I've Worked With


Recent Professional Experience


Featured Projects: Showcasing My Expertise Across Industries


I had the pleasure of working alongside Murphy, a highly result-oriented marketer who consistently ties every campaign to specific product and business goals.

His dedication to ensuring the team understands the customer journey and maps out clear funnels before executing any campaign, regardless of its scale is truly inspiring.


Gloria Kafui Agbomadzi

Head of Marketing, FootiFY

Murphy is someone I fondly call the “Growth Hacker” because when it comes to growth marketing, he excels effortlessly. His digital marketing strategy and skills are top tier and valuable. 

He has help several brands grow, scale and find their footing in their own industries.


Oluwagbòtemi Móshood

Chief Marketing Officer, Jazzys Burger

Murphy’s expertise in growth marketing is truly remarkable. He consistently demonstrated a data-driven approach and an innate ability to optimize marketing efforts, resulting in tangible business outcomes.

Murphy’s proficiency across various marketing channels was instrumental in our campaign successes. 


Joshua Okocha

Senior Account Executive, BukiHQ Media


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my favourite quote

"When you know what a man wants, you know who he is and how to move him"
- Petr Baelish (Game Of Thrones)


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